FIX: Latest Firmware Resolves Spark Bugs

Ever since the DJI Spark mini-drone arrived we’ve been reporting on the challenges with QuickShot modes like Dronie and Helix.

In these two modes the drone’s flight is supposed to stop at a pre-set distance and then return to the starting point after completing the mode.  With Dronie mode, many operators were reporting that the Spark just kept flying away, and only stopped when the pilot intervened to interupt the flight.  In Helix mode, the Spark took off on an ever widening orbit around the subject that also exceeded limits.

These bugs were widely reported to DJI in the forums, and the last firmware update in July was intended to resolve these challenges.  Unfortunately, that last update only resolved the issue for some users.

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So DJI kept working on the issue, and a new firmware update this week to V01.00.0600  seems to have put the issue to rest for good.  In the update notes for the new firmware, DJI hints that issues with these two flight modes may have been based on the user’s region.

After updating the Spark, all batteries and the remote, we did a few test flights yesterday and can confirm that for the first time since we received the Spark that both Dronie and Helix QuickShot modes are working flawlessly.

Although these pre-programmed QuickShot modes can be accomplished manually in all DJI drones, the convenience of having the flight mode pre-programmed into the drone is a welcome feature for beginners and experienced pilots as well.  Speaking from my own experience, I prefer an automated flight path like the QuickShot modes to fumbling around doing it manually like on the Mavic.

We have heard many comments from readers who are hoping that the pre-programmed QuickShot modes eventually appear in future updates for the Mavic and Phantom drones.  Based on the intelligent hardware that’s inside these drones, there doesn’t appear to be anything preventing DJI from adding these features.

If you’ve upgraded to the new firmware and are still experiencing challenges with Dronie and Helix, let us know in the comments.

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