DJI Spark Firmware Update: Fixes & New Features !

DJI released a firmware update for the the DJI Spark mini drone today, it’s first since the drone was launched in May.

Last month we told you about issues for some Spark pilots with Dronie and Helix not operating properly.  The Dronie QuickShot was not stopping the aircraft at the pre-set distance from the subject, and the Spark was also not gaining altitude.  Some users reported that Helix was basically a slow-motion flyaway to Neverland.

Today’s update, V01.00.0500 is substantial at 92.2 MB, meaning there’s a lot in it.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Improved photo resolution to 4K in Gesture and ActiveTrack modes
  • Added a new gesture for video recording
  • Added an option to adjust gimbal tilt sensitivity
  • Added a 180 degree Pano shooting mode
  • The aircraft will descend to a height of 1.5m while flying below 4.5m or descend 3m while flying above 4.5m if no subject is detected for more than one minute in Gesture mode
  • Improved overall gesture recognition and reduced the probability of falsely recognizing the selfie gesture.  The wave gesture is now disabled by default while flying indoors or where the GPS signal is weak to ensure safety
  • The wave gesture can be enabled in both situations by adjusting settings in DJI GO 4
  • Fixed an issue where photos failed to save and the shutter sound would not be made while taking photos in Gesture mode
  • The aircraft will now exit QuickShot automaticaly when a control stick is pulled opposite to the direction of flight.  Flight distances for QuickShots can now be set in DJI GO 4, with greater maximum flight distances while using the remote controller.  Also, flight directions for Circle and Helix can now be adjusted in DJI GO 4
  • Fixed an issue where the aircraft didn’t ascend high enough with the Dronie QuickShot and optimized Rocket
  • Optimized the FPV gimbal mode in Sport mode to keep the gimbal from reaching its endpoint.
  • Optimized battery’s gas gauge parameters to improve stability

All in all these changes and improvements from DJI are great news!

We’re especially looking forward to finally getting to use the Dronie mode, since we’ve been one of the Spark operators experiencing the incorrect QuickShot activity.

Being able to activate video in Gesture mode is going to be really helpful, particularly for Spark owners who purchased the drone only without the remote controller.

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