DJI Spark Dronie Mode Acting Buggy – Fly With Care

Lots of chatter in the forums about specific QuickShot modes in the new Spark drone not functioning properly.

My own experience today, flying under wifi using an iPad Mini 2 and practicing taking a few ‘Dronies’ did not work as expected.

Many users are reporting that the Spark fails to climb in altitude as it flies away from the subject.

Also, the Spark is not stopping at the pre-set distance away from the subject.

In all tests I made this evening using the Dronie QuickShot mode I had to tap the Red X to stop the Spark from crashing into obstacles well beyond the programmed distance I entered.

In the example above I told the Spark to stop 10 meters from the subject, and it continued flying (without gaining altitude) until I had to manually stop it.

DJI has advised they are looking into this and hopefully an update will be available shortly.

Because the Spark is targeted at at an audience that is slightly less technical and less experienced with the flight modes, it’s an important reminder to be familiar with your drone’s “in case of emergency” feature…the Red X.

Keeping your drone within line of sight (LOS) will help you to keep it safe and a quick tap of the Red X will stop it in it’s tracks regardless of what operation you have it doing in the moment.

If you’re experiencing flight behavior in the DJI Go 4 app with your DJI Spark drone, let us know the details in the comments below.


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