UPDATE: More Details on DJI Mavic Pro II

Earlier this year we told you about the upcoming DJI Mavic Pro II and the rumored specs, including:

  • 4820 mAh battery with up to 35 minutes of flight time
  • 1″ CMOS sensor
  • binocular rear vision obstacle avoidance sensors

We also shared that steps towards mass production are underway.

Now we’re getting more specific updates related to release date and actual battery performance.

A number of readers have been suggesting that they don’t think the Mavic Pro II will have 30+ minute battery life.  However based on R&D improvements in the Mavic Pro Platinum with it’s quieter and more efficient propellers and more intelligent motor control electronics we disagree.

Initial testing of the Mavic Pro II prototype has shown 32 minutes of  flight time at hover.  DJI engineers (both hardware & software) will continue to fine tune the Mavic Pro II ahead of actual production.

Our earlier updates also hinted that a release date for the Mavic Pro II could be as early as March 2018.  Without committing to an actual month, we think keeping the release window open with a wider range extending to June is more realistic.

While there is the potential that DJI could use the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to release the Mavic Pro II, we think it is just as likely that DJI will wait until the NAB in April.  Time will tell.

After the Mavic Pro launch in 2016 that suffered production delays into 2017, we suspect that DJI truly learned from the experience and, like the Mavic Air launch, want the product “shoppable” at release.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Pricing the new Mavic Pro II continues to be a nebulous concept.  With the Mavic Air Fly More Combo coming in at US$999, consumers are going to have to brace themselves for a higher Mavic Pro II price.  For guidance we look to the DJI Phantom 4 Pro(P4P) with 30 minutes of flight time and a 1″ 20MP CMOS sensor.  Currently priced at US$1,499 the P4P is DJI’s highest quality consumer/recreational drone bumping up against the professional category.

A Mavic Pro II that rivals, or bests, the P4P with battery and/or image specs will obviousy command a higher price than the current Mavic Pro/Platinum.  We’ve heard it could be US$1299 for the basic kit, and higher for the Fly More Combo.

And if DJI is able to further engineer better obstacle avoidance into the Mavic Pro II it will be a game changer for the DJI drone lineup. This is a feature with some room to run. Given the success that DJI is having with it’s folding arm, compact drones, could we see an end to fixed wing recreational quadcopters from DJI in the not to distance future?

If the rumors are true, the next generation of fixed wing craft from DJI, the Phantom 5, could have interchangeble lenses (learning shared from the new Zenmuse X7) and will be a high-end recreational drone that crosses over into the professional cinematic world.

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There are more than a few ways to tell when a new DJI product is imminent.  Keep an eye on price reductions to the existing lineup….that may be your next clue.

From what we hear the Mavic Pro II is a slightly  bigger Mavic Pro with Phantom 4 Pro inside. Put another way it’s a Mavic shaped, foldable Phantom 4 Pro.  Expect the price to be more in line with the pricing on the Phantom 4 Pro.

One thought on “UPDATE: More Details on DJI Mavic Pro II

  • February 6, 2018 at 12:52 pm

    Mavic with a 1“ sensor and a phantom with interchangeble would be awesome. Pray for it! 👌🏼


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