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With the launch of DJI’s Endless Summer promotion, there are too many deals to keep track of so here’s the DRN summary to make it easy for you:

First off, the Endless Summer campaign also signals the partnership of DJI products with OnePlus accessories.  In selected combos of the Spark, Mavic Pro, and Osmo Mobile you can opt for a OnePlus carry-bag in a new combo.

To further complicate things, DJI is also giving away free bonus items depending what model of drone and combo you purchase!

DJI Spark + OnePlus bag

The Spark + OnePlus combo is only available if you purchase the Spark drone only.  It’s not available with the much better equipped Spark Fly More Combo.  As a Spark owner I can tell you first hand that the Fly More Combo is the much superior way to go.  Flying with one battery and only using Gestures or a wireless device as your controller is going to feel very limiting.

Once you’ve flown the Spark with the optional remote control that’s included in the Fly More Combo you’ll never go back.

Tip: Get the Fly More Combo and skip the bag

Bonus: Get a free Spark T-shirt and 2 Spark skins when you purchase the Alpine White Spark.  Get two free skins (but no t-shirt) if you purchase the Fly More Combo

Mavic Pro and OnePlus bag

With the Mavic Pro, you always had the choice between the regular bundle and the Fly More Combo.  Now a third bundle has been added called the Mavic Pro & OnePlus Travel Backpack.  But the OnePlus combo is not eligible for free gifts.

We almost always recommend drone buyers pick up the Fly More Combo version of their drone because the extra batteries, props and charging gear are mission critical, but the OnePlus bag is a steal in this combo.

Normally $99, with this deal you’re getting a great bag for only $29!  It holds a 15″ laptop, has 20 liter storage capacity and 12 internal pockets to keep you organized.  Made from military-grade Cordura, it’s 10x stronger than canvas and has a host of convenience features for smart travelers, and is water resistant.


The Endless Summer promotion has the Phantom 3 SE (a 4K drone) at only $599.  Think about that for a second. For just $100 more than a Spark Fly More Combo you get an established work-horse of a drone that shoots 4K with almost double the flight time and range of the Spark.

DJI has really built out Phantom 4 Series family.  And with each new version of the Phantom 4, the price has continued to drop on the Phantom 3 Series with 5 models starting at $499.

Tip: If you’re still undecided about buying a Spark, we highly recommend you take a second look at the Phantom 3 SE.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro – 4K Video

The Phantom 4 Endless Summer bundle includes 2 extra pairs of props, prop guards, and a landing pad for onley $1499.  With a 7 km range and 30 minute battery life, you’ll be capturing gigs of video at 4k 60 fps.

But like all of the Endless Summer deals, time is not on your side.  You must order by September 1st.

And if you were too busy scanning through the Endless Summer promos to notice, DJI also teased some more upcoming deals on the Mavic Pro, Osmo Mobile, and Phantom drone.  Stay tuned until August 22nd for these to be released.

Also on August 22nd, we’re going to see a new Student Discount come into effect at DJI that should drop prices on some equipment even further.

Which ever Endless Summer deal you decide to jump on, make sure you add DJI Care to the purchase.  A year’s worth of protection and crashes and more is one of the best investments you can make to protect your purchase.

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