What You Need To Know About DJI Care Refresh

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The first and most important thing you need to know about DJI Care Refresh is that you need it.

If you’ve been to DJI’s website you’ve likely seen one of these images for DJI Care Refresh, above.

If you’ve purchased a drone directly from DJI you would have had the option to purchase DJI Care Refresh with your drone at checkout.

Indulge me if you will, for a moment: this is my Public Service Announcement to anyone who is considering buying a DJI Drone.

Before you buy your drone, read some of the experiences of people who did not have DJI Care Refresh and who have crashed their Mavic drone.  Why? Because there are thousands of them. Then read the experiences of those who have crashed their Phantoms. Thousands more.

Did you notice that there are only two types of people in all of those posts?  Only two.  Those who had DJI Care Refresh who will pay a little bit and fly again soon.  And then there are many, many more who will either pay a lot to fly again, or they are just SOL because they didn’t have DJI Care Refresh.  And now they can’t afford to fix their drone.

You can also see these people on Ebay selling used controllers, batteries and what’s left of their kit.  But it doesn’t have to be.  Protecting your drone just makes sense. And it’s inexpensive.

So what is DJI Care Refresh?

DJI Care Refresh is a service plan that provides you with peace of mind, covering damage to your DJI product. DJI Care Refresh is valid for 12 months and offers up to two full replacements at a small additional charge if accidental damage occurs to your product during normal use. Each time you request a replacement, you’ll receive a replacement unit that is new or equivalent to new in performance and reliability.

How Do I Buy DJI Care Refresh?

When you purchase your DJI product directly at dji.com you’ll be given the option to purchase DJI Care Refresh before you check out.  The price varies depending on what DJI product you’ve purchased.  DJI Care Refresh for a  Mavic Pro is $99, while a Phantom 4 Pro costs $149 for the coverage.


Drones DJI Care Refresh The 1st
The 2nd
Mavic $99 $79 $129
Phantom 4 Pro $149 $99 $149
Inspire 2 Aircraft $299 $209 $329


If you’ve already purchased your DJI drone or Zenmuse, either from DJI or a third party such as Amazon, B&H Photo or Adorama but haven’t activated your drone or it’s been activated less than 48 hours don’t worry, you can still purchase DJI Care Refresh here.

If you’re DJI product has been activated longer that 48 hours, you may still be able to purchase DJI Care Refresh here.  You’ll be required to go through a few steps, including uploading a video of your drone.

If you’re not eligible for DJI Care Refresh you should very seriously consider State Farm’s Drone Insurance which is also significantly cheaper than DJI Care Refresh.  (Note: the coverages aren’t identical)

We need to spread the word on this issue.  Far too many new (and even some experienced) drone pilots either don’t know about these two protections, or they don’t understand how easy it is to crash a drone from error, weather, malfunction or any other number of factors.

If you have just purchased your drone, and are still within 48 hours of activation, your next step is to get your DJI Care Refresh now before it’s too late. 

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