LEAK: DJI Spark Looks Ready For Sale in New Leaked Photo

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It’s almost a sure bet that the DJI Spark will make an appearance at the upcoming DJI media event in New York City later this month.

And that announcement came right on the heels of many new products launched at NAB2017 in Las Vegas last weekend.

As anyone who has followed DJI for some time knows, other than the Osmo and Osmo Mobile handheld gimbals, DJI really doesn’t have a presence in the ‘below $1000’ drone category.

When we got word in the winter that the DJI Spark was coming, we got really excited.

And now that a new spy photo is making the rounds we get a first look at what the final retail version of the DJI Spark mini-drone will look like.

Finally an ultra-compact drone from DJI to compete with Dobby and Hover!

Everyone keeps asking us ‘when’ the DJI Spark will be released.  We think it’s this month, in NYC.

But we really want to know how much will the DJI Spark cost?  Hover is a surprisingly expensive little machine at $679 USD.  And Dobby, at almost half the price comes in at $349 USD.

Our bet is that the Mavic Spark will be $499, and in true DJI style it will have features and functions that blow the other two micro-drones out of the water.

We look forward to the DJI event this month, and hope to hear some leaks and rumors on more of the details of the DJI Spark.

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