DJI Media Event Scheduled For May 24th. Will DJI release another drone?

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DJI has just dropped news that there will be a media event in New York City on May 24th.

As expected, the invitation doesn’t provide any specifics about the event, but it would be a safe bet that there will be at least one new product: the DJI Spark.  Word of the Spark first reached us via a blogger in China who shared the first images of the iPhone sized drone.

While no other details have emerged since we first reported on the leaked Spark information, we expect the price to be somewhere under $500 USD.  Since the Spark drone leak we’ve been handed side-by-side mock-ups of the Spark next to a Mavic Pro for size comparison:

Another rumored product still in the pipeline at DJI the Mavic S drone with 7 different features than the Mavic Pro.

The most recent releases from DJI have all been more powerful and more expensive than the existing models.  So far DJI has yet to move into the small drone space priced below $1000 USD. 



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