DJI Select: Why You Need To Take Another Look…But Watch The Fine Print

As we enter a new product cycle for DJI, with the release of the new 32MP, 4K DJI Mavic Air tomorrow, we thought we’d take a second look at the new DJI Select membership program for DJI’s Online Store.

We saw a lot of chatter in the forums when DJI Select first came out before the Holiday shopping season, and a lot of existing owners appeared to scoff at the notion of paying for this service.

We’re always looking for a good deal, especially on DJI gear, so we decided to run the numbers and see.

So What Is DJI Select?

In certain markets (meaning countries) DJI Select gets you special coupons, prioritized shipping, discounted DJI Care, and more.  On your birthday DJI will send you special discounts, and when new products are available DJI Select members will have front of the line access to purchase first.

DJI Select is an annual subscription that costs $29.  Think of it like an Amazon Prime for DJI that also gets you discounts.

But is the $29 worth it? We think YES, and it’s all because of the DJI Care discount.  You see, when you purchase the following DJI products:

you’ll get a 50% discount on DJI Care.  On all of the products above, the 50% savings is MORE THAN the $29 cost of DJI Select.  You’re DJI Care savings more than pay for the cost of DJI Select, plus your now in the loop for additional discounts and preferred access to new product.

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We fully expect new product, like the upcoming 4K Mavic Air to be added to the list above, so it makes a lot of sense to buy DJI Select before you make any purchase from the DJI Online Store, but watch the fine print.

You cannot get priority delivery for the Mavic Air if you purchased DJI Select after January 28th.  Because you purchase DJI select as part of a qualifying drone purchase for one of the models above, you will receive priority delivery on your next drone and DJI Care purchase.

If you intend to purchase more than one drone, or plan to always stay current with DJI product and upgrade as the DJI product cycle changes, then by all means DJI Select is for you.

For the complete FAQ on the DJI Select program, visit the DJI Select page.

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