Countdown To DJI Rumor Season Begins

Earlier this year we scooped the new Spark drone and uncovered a mystery ‘S’ version of the Mavic, but the best time of year for DJI rumors and news is just around the corner.

August and September have usually been the two busiest months for our sleuths, and we expect 2017 to be no different.

Now that DJI has rounded out it’s recreational drone suite with the addition of the Spark mini drone, we have to wonder what the imagineers at DJI are working on.

The entry-level Spark is selling incredibly well, and judging by our own rough data, will continue well into the November Black Friday shopping season.

The aging Phantom fleet, which DJI has recently been fine-tuned with the addition of the Phantom 4 Advanced, is the likely target for replacement.  DJI tends to begin a product cycle refresh with price markdowns and promotions which we are already starting to see.

But we’re still working on whether DJI will transition to a Phantom 5, keeping a professional grade fixed-wing at the top end of it’s recreational line-up or whether an all new model will emerge.

The biggest struggle for product designers and engineers will be developing new product features.  DJI has advanced drone technology so quickly that it’s extremely hard to find what features aerial photographers still need.


We may see further advancements to existing drone technology such as:

  • lighter materials
  • batteries with extended life and faster charging
  • expanded in-app features
  • increased range

At the same time as drone enthusiasts look to expand the options for using for their UAVs, increased regulation across the globe is constraining that ability.  In fact, drone pilots may have to give up space and weight in their drones in order for real-time monitoring of flights to someday be a reality if regulators go that far.

Until then we keep our ears to the ground because we know it’s just a matter of a few weeks or months before the next DJI rumors will start to drop.

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