RUMOR: DJI About To Release New Version of Mavic, Dropping “Pro” From Name

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Newly leaked FCC application documents indicate that DJI is going to release a new version of the Mavic Pro drone and the plans have been underway since September.

Like all electronic devices, drones come with the FCC compliance sticker somewhere on their body.  The Mavic Pro FCC sticker is located inside the battery tray and looks like this:

Notice the red oval showing the Model#:M1P

If you were to guess, the P would stand for Pro, as in Mavic Pro.

But a separate DJI filing with the FCC shows a new label with the Model#: M1S 

This isn’t the only indicator that a new Mavic is on the way.  We dug further into the FCC filings and examined the Mavic Pro application against the new “mystery” Model # M1S.

FCC Filing Showing Name as “Mavic” only

FCC Filing for Mavic “Pro”

Comparing the two documents you can clearly see that DJI calls the M1P model a “Mavic Pro” while in the new filings for the M1S the drone drops the “Pro” monicker and is officially just called “Mavic”.

We were able to download the User Guide for the M1S, which is also published at the FCC website so there are some key differences we noticed in the Mavic and the Mavic Pro.

First off, the Mavic S lists Maximum Flight Time at “Approx 25 minutes” compared to the Mavic Pro’s 27 minutes.

The next major difference we noticed is the new drone camera.  While still at 12 megapixels, the Mavic S has a Field of View “94° 20mm (35 mm format equivalent) f/2.8 focus at ∞”.

There are a lot of documents to sift through, so we’ll update this post as we uncover more information. 

Additional filings provide images of the testing facilities at DJI, like this one showing the Mavic S being subjected to Radiant Emission testing:

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