RUMOR: Spring Release For New DJI Drone With a 100MP Hasselblad Camera ?

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We know you’re already trying to digest DJI Goggles, a possible Mavic S, the DJI Spark and so much more.  But is it possible that this leaked photo (you can just make out the top of the J in the DJI logo on the podium) is a new DJI quadcopter with a 100 megapixel Hasselblad sensor?

We’ve been studying this photo for clues as to what it is and isn’t.  What it resembles and what we can rule out.

DroneU shared it on their Facebook page earlier this winter but it’s largely stayed under the radar.

Rumored price USD $30,000 and may be part of announcements at NAB 2017 in Las Vegas, which opens April 22nd.

Hasselblad H6D 100MP CMOS Sensor

This is NOT the first rumor of an expected new product announcement for DJI.  One of the more interesting rumors we’re hearing is that DJI Goggles will be “shipped with” the new Matrice 200 when it’s available.

So at least 3 potential new drones (Mavic S, Spark, and the one above) yet to be released.  DJI Goggles could be bundled with any one of them. Plus a hardcore Hasselblad camera attached to a DJI drone.

Can’t wait to see what is really coming next from DJI.



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