RUMOR: DJI Leaks Photo Of Possible New Drone

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New images appear to have been leaked by DJI ahed of next week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

DJIs invitation to their booth at Mobile World Congress is set against an image of a drone propeller and motor which looks very similar to an Inspire 2.

Checking the photo more carefully, and comparing it to an actual DJI Inspire 2 in our office we notice at least one key difference.  The leaked photo shows and LED on the lower portion at the end of the arm that is not on the current Inspire 2 and has a different design from the existing DJI Inspire 2.

DJI Teases New Drone Ahead of MWC 2017

DJI rumors point to a new Inspire Black Version 2, but with so little information available it could also be an entire new class of drone from DJI.

Check out this side-by-side mock up of a DJI Inspire 2 prop motor and the leaded image above:

Inspire 2 vs New Drone

It’s like a child’s book game of “spot the differences”.  The first thing we notice is that the new mystery drone’s motor isn’t slightly tilted off axis like the Inspire 2.  The next difference is the obvious matte black finish that obvisously isn’t the dark/light combination of the Inspire 2.

The LED window is also blacked out compared to the Inspire 2.

We think the new DJI drone is likely from the commercial family.  Whether it’s an Inspire 3 or a “Pro” version of the Inspire 2 we can’t tell yet.

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What’s most amazing is how quickly DJI is turning out new models.  The Inspire 2 was only launched in the second half of 2016 and it looks like DJI is not afraid to cannibalize it’s own product sales.

Stay tuned.  We’ve contacted DJI for comment, and will share any announcements live from MWC in real time. But don’t hold your breath for any official announcements ahead of Mobile World Congress 2017.

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