Our Top Story of 2017 Was……

2017 marked a breakthrough year in the popularity of aerial photography, drones and especially DJI.

We’re proud to have brought you so many firsts in the leaks and launches of DJI products during the year.  From the launch of the Spark to the upcoming Osmo Mobile 2, we’ve been keenly scouring the digital world for what’s coming next.

And we’ve complement our news with some practical how-to’s across a wide range of drone related topics.

So can you guess what our most popular article was in 2017?  It’s not really a surprise to us because this particular article was in the top ten almost every single day since it was written, and subsequently updated.

So what post was the most popular in 2017?

“Taking Your Drone To Mexico? What to Know Before You Go”

That’s right! Our readers have such a zest for travel, especially the sunny beaches of Mexico, that they can’t wait to take their drones on vacation to capture their holidays.

And because the rules in Mexico are different that America and other countries we’re travelling from, there’s a lot to be aware of.

Prohibitions at historic sites, and special rules that individual hotels may have.  What to expect when entering Mexico at an airport with a drone.  Do you need a “carnet”?  And just as important: what’s the safest, and best, way to transport your drone?

The article was a lot of fun to research and write, and so many readers have shared their drone experiences with us that we’ve added to the article since it was originally penned.

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But we’re most looking forward to testing the Mexican drone waters ourselves in just over 60 days.  Yup, Drone NewsGuy and crew are heading to beautiful Playa del Carmen in March for some much deserved R&R and we’re taking the drones (and the Osmo Mobile) with us.

If you’ve already droned the region we’d love to hear your tips and suggestion on where, when and how to film in the PDC area.  Reach out to us here at our Contact page.

Since writing the Mexico drone article, we’ve added some related stories on the best travel accessories for your DJI drone.  Check out the links below.

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If you’ve had an interesting travel experience (good or bad!) with your drone, let us know via our Contact page.  We’d love to feature your experience and tips in an upcoming article.

Bon voyage!


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