NEWS: DJI Spark Shipping Has Begun!

Check your Inbox!

Multiple sources are sharing the news that DJI has started emailing shipping notifications for buyers of the new Spark camera drone.

Right on schedule, the DJI Spark is shipping to buyers exactly on time according to the launch announcements that shipping would begin on June 15th.

The first shipments are limited to buyers of the basic Spark package, leaving those who wanted the Fly More Combo to wait until June 30th.

DJI’s Spark, which blends the world of beginner drone with the advanced hardware and features of their more serious drones like the Mavic and Phantom 4 Series, has been in pre-sale since it’s launch at the end of May.

Barely larger than an iPhone 7 and controllable with gestures, a smart phone, or the optional remote controller, the DJI Spark opens up aerial video and photography to an entirely new group of users.

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Until now DJI has lacked an entry level drone, and the Spark has already catapulted itself into dominance in the category with its gestures, pre-programmed flight modes and simplicity.

The Spark is so jam packed with features, some of which aren’t available on DJI’s more advanced drones, that potential buyers are struggling to decide between the Spark and the Mavic.

While we can’t tell you which drone is right for you, we are able to share that the Spark is an incredible piece of hardware.  For many casual users who want something more than a ‘selfie drone’ but not the full on complexity of an advanced camera drone, the Spark is everything they could ask for.

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The DJI Spark has come along at the perfect time, with gifts for Dads and Grads being front of mind for many people.  The DJI Spark might be the one of the best gifts for a Grad or someone heading off on a Gap Year, and everyone already knew that Dad wanted a drone.

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Thankfully, DJI has stepped up and is offering discounts and freebies right now on Osmo Mobile, Mavic, Spark, and Phantom drones.  Click here to see all of the Fathers’ Day deals.

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