NEISTAT: DJI Mavic Pro is “Greatest Drone Ever”

No exaggeration needed.

When one of Youtube’s biggest stars (and drone users) uploads an episode with a title that exclaims “Greatest Drone Ever!!” you have to pay attention.

With over 6 million subscribers and over 1 billion views of his films, Casey Neistat knows what he likes about the gear that he uses.  Up until this episode he’s been using a variety of drones (DJI, GoPro, etc) and always shares what he likes and doesn’t like about them in the moment.

In his latest video Neistat share his trip to the DJI store in New York City where he picks up one of the first Mavic Pro drones made public.  From there he gives it a great work out, but he’s a much better story teller than i am.

Here’s his initial take on the DJI Mavic Pro drone:

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