FREE STUFF: Why The BEST Black Friday Drone Deals are at

At this time of year we’re all used to retailers pulling out all the stops to cash in on Black Friday.  Everyone from Amazon to BestBuy and independants are knocking down their prices

And while all of the deals are great, until November 27th the best deals are literally at for one reason: FREE STUFF!

I got it! Just take me to the deals!

Yes the Mavic Pro Fly More Combo is reduced by $150 and the Spark and Osmo Mobile are both $100 off, but the real sweetener are the free bonus merchandise that DJI is adding to your order (while quantities last) until November 27th.

DJI Spark Free Accessories

When you buy the DJI Spark Fly More Combo for $599 at you’ll get three bonus Spark accessories for free:

PGYTECH Spark Hand Guards
Because the Spark is designed specificaly for palm launch and landing, your fingers can come pretty close to those sharp, spinning props.  With the PGYTECH Spark Hand Guards you’ll get an extra level of protection right from the start, when you most need it. $10 Value.


PGYTECH Spark Propeller Holders
Storing your Spark and keeping the Props from getting damaged in transit is a totally legit concern. The propellers are never pointing the way you want when you tuck the drone away.  With the PGYTECH Spark Propeller Holders your props are secured in the proper position, safe from harm. $10 Value.


PGYTECH Drone Landing Pad(55cm)
The Spark is truly a mini-drone…it’s small stature makes it ideal for travel and portability.  But it’s low profile can be a problem if your launching from grass.  And any drone launching from a beach stirs up a storm.  This is an excellent accessory to keep your motors from sucking in damaging debris.  $10 Value.


Mavic Pro Free Accessories

Similar to above, the Mavic accessories come in when you purchase the Mavic Pro Fly More Combo at for $1149 ($150 savings)

PGYTECH Mavic Control Stick Protector $9 Value
With all of the drone remote controls, the calibration can be thrown off (sometimes permanently) if the sticks are pushed out of their normal resting position for extended periods of time.  This is especially likely during storing and transport in soft-sided bags.
$9 Value.

PGYTECH Mavic Propeller Holders $9 Value
Mavic Pro
propellers are even longer than the Spark props, and they have the same issue in transport, getting hung up on gear and damaged in transit.  With the PGYTECH Mavic Propeller Holders you’re locked up and secured. $9 Value.


PGYTECH Drone Landing Pad(75cm) $10 Value
The Mavic Pro stirs up even more wind than the spark, so giving your aircraft a clean spot to launch and land just makes sense.  A launch pad also helps protect the gimbal and camera from damage.

$10 Value


Phantom 4 Pro & Phantom 4 Advanced Free Accessories

With their higher price points, and superior optics, the Phantom 4 Series of drones attract a special breed of pilot photographer.  Recognizing this fact, DJI has really pumped up the free gifts with the P4P and P4A Black Friday sale.

Phantom 4 Series Intelligent Flight Battery $169 Value
Ask anyone who pilots a drone and you’ll hear one request over and over: alway glad to have an extra battery.  If you’re shopping for a drone user, extra batteries are probably THE best gift idea.  $169 Value.

PGYTECH Drone Landing Pad 110cm $10 Value
As one of DJI’s more expensive recreational drones (that’s really bumping up against pro-grade) you want to protect your investment from dirt, sand and debris.  This free landing pad fits the bill $10 Value.

32GB Sandisk microSD Card $18 Value
Because the Phantom 4 Series drones shoot in 4K, you end up with some HUGE video files.  In fact, you can fill up a standard 16GB card with just 32 minutes of 4K video at 30fps.  Sometimes size does matter! $18 Value.

Just remember, there’s lots of deals out there but the whole purpose of Black Friday is to cash in on the best values and maximize the savings.  Until November 27th these freebies and bonus offers make the DJI Online Store THE place to shop.

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