Elevate Your DJI Spark With PGYTECH Risers and Top Shield Kit

The small form factor of the DJI Spark comes to us courtesy of it’s simple design.  The palm launchable mini-drone is so easy to use, in part, because it lacks landing gear.  And that lack of landing gear means that terrestrial belly landings can sometimes put the gimbal at risk or worse cause permanent damage.

Long time maker of DJI accessories, PGYTECH has come up with a novel, and affordable solution, that also enhances other crash-protection features of the Spark.

PGYTECH’s well thought out combination of propeller guards, risers (landing gear) and topside crash protection add both functionality and security to your Spark.

Considering that the Spark was designed partly to fly indoors in tripod mode, the enhanced topside protection is well intentioned.

The only critique we have of the integrated nature of the risers (landing gear) is that the PGYTECH propeller guards must also be installed in order to attach the risers.  PGYTECH also makes a set of risers for the Spark that do not require the Prop Guards to be attached.

Regardless, like all PGYTECH accessories we’ve seen for DJI products the Propeller Guard and Riser kit is well made, well designed, and sure to be a practical addition to many pilots flight bags.

Available on Amazon for less the $25 with free shipping.  Like other PGYTECH accessories, we expect these will also find a home in the DJI online store.

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