Can You Guess What Color of DJI Spark is Best Selling?

We love the DJI Spark.  Since it was launched in the Spring of this year DJI has continued to upgrade the firmware, roll out new features and release really handy and practical accessories.  For day to day shooting with the family and during recreation we actually prefer the smaller 1080p video files.

It’s just a really handy and high quality drone. And because it comes in 5 colors, it’s the only DJI drone that lets you express your individuality.

But do you know what color is the most popular?

Our sources tell us that so far this year the Alpine White DJI Spark is the best selling model.  We think this might be because most drone users want it to not stand out and just appear like a regular DJI product with a monochrome finish.

Some drone fans have called the Spark a toy drone.  But with 1080p recording, 12 megapixel stills, and advanced features like ActiveTrack and pre-programmed flight modes the Spark is anything but a toy.

Can you guess the second most popular color?

Lava Red!  We can’t account for ‘why’ this is the second most popular color, other than it provides good color contrast against the sky or ground if you lose track of your drone.

Okay, so Alpine White is in first, Lava Red is in second, that must mean that the third most popular color of DJI Spark is……wait for it……Meadow Green.

Nothing screams fun and flying like a bright, lime green DJI Spark.  And the High-Vis color makes it easy to spot.

You may be asking “what difference does it make what colors are the best selling”?  And to a point you’re right.  It’s a personal choice, who cares?

Since it’s Black Friday and DJI sales are honestly going through the roof, if you’re planning on buying a DJI Spark drone as a Christmas present this year you may not get the color you want if stock gets depeleted.

So here’s our tip for all of you Christmas shoppers: If you’re planning on buying the DJI Spark in Alpine White, Lava Red or Meadow Green we recommend you do it immediately to beat the rush on these most popular colors.

If you’re looking at Sky Blue or Sunrise Yellow there might be less pressure on you to snap one up quickly.  But it might also be a good idea to have a second color of Spark in mind should your preferred color sell out quickly.

Just some food for thought.  You can check out all of DJI’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals here.


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