DJI Spark Battery Won’t Charge? It’s Probably Too Hot

With a 16 minute battery life, Spark owners are swapping a lot of batteries.  If you try to charge a Spark Intelligent Flight Battery after it’s just flown a mission, it might not work.  When you place it in the DJI Spark battery charger all you get is a red light.


These batteries are intelligent for a reason.  Because Lithium Polymer batteries are so volatile, they need an on-board brain to protect them.

And one of the things it needs to be protected from is overheating.  I’m sure you’ve noticed how warm the Spark drone is when you land it.  There’s a lot of heat in the battery too.

The DJI Spark Intelligent Flight Battery won’t allow itself to charge if it detects that battery temperature is above 40C.

When you are connected to your Spark, you can see the battery temperature in the DJI GO 4 app, just click on the elipsis in the top right corner, and then select the battery icon:

And then select the 4th icon from the top for Battery information:

Knowing how to monitor, care for and deploy your batteries will make a world of difference in keeping your Spark in the air.

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