DJI Mavic Pro Platinum: 6 Things That Make the Best Drone Better

If you saw the inbox on a daily basis here at DRN, you would excuse us the occassional miss.  There isn’t a week goes by that someone hasn’t shared us a scoop, hinted at a new DJI rumor, or sent a picture that they’re convinced is the next DJI drone.

And when we saw the photos earlier this week of the alleged Mavic Pro Platinum, we had to be skeptical.  It’s in our nature.

So here we sit, on the edge of the Fall shopping season and product launch cycle with a ‘kinda’ new DJI product.  We’ll call it ‘upscaled’.  When the world was expecting a Phantom 5 or a Mavic 2 (or who knows what other incredible marvel that is yet to come from the creative gurus at DJI) we basically get a Mavic +.

So what are the key features of this upscaled Mavic Pro? What giveth the Mavic Pro Platinum?


For starters, DJI has reduced aircraft noise by 4dB.  That may not sound like much, but it’s a 60% noise power reduction.  It’s primarily the result of the new swept-back 8331 propellers that give the Mavic Pro Platinum the sound deadening improvement.

Flight Time

Small improvements in the aerodynamics of the blades and the electonics that control the motors are what leads to improved noise conditions and what also help to extend battery life of the new Mavic Pro Platinum.  With a boastful 30 minutes of flight time, compared with the original Mavic Pro’s 27 minutes, it’s up with the big boys in the Phantom class of drones.

Three minutes may not sound like much on the surface, but in the bigger picture it means slightly more than 11% greater battery life.  That could be the difference between a successful RTH and a water crash.


The Mavic Pro Platinum will be available for pre-order from DJI and select retailers in September and will retail for $1099 (compared to $999 for Mavic Pro) for the basic drone kit.  The Platinum Fly More combo will price in at $1399 (compared to $1299 for Mavic Pro Fly More combo)  and comes with exptra propellers, a charging hub, adapter, car charger and shoulder bag. Spare batteries will be available for $89 each.


What we couldn’t see in the leaked photos was the shimmery ‘platinum’ finish of the new Mavic Pro model.  Lighter skinned that the Mavic Pro, the Platinum has an almost silver tone to it.


DJI packed two kinds of stealth into the Platinum Mavic.  First they tricked all of us by not actually introducing a new drone (yet). Instead DJI just made some subtle improvements to the existing Mavic Pro chassis.

Second, the added battery and quieter operation means drone pilots will be a lot less obvious on the landscape.  We’ve all been flying in that one place where the scream of the drone’s propellers is just a little bit much for others who are also trying to find enjoyment.


DJI already had some hefty sales on throughout the summer.  Now that the product shelf is becoming a lttile crowded with existing model varaiations, we expect further price cuts.  With a rumored 70% of the drone market DJI can flex its muscle a little before releasing the next big thing into the Fall shopping season.


Everyone is asking if the new Mavic Pro Platinum propellers can be used in the Mavic Pro.  Short answer is yes.

But the reduction in noise and extended flight time comes from the combination of the Platinum propellers and the enhanced motor function in the Mavic Pro Platinum.

Installing the Mavic Pro Platinum propellers on the regular Mavic Pro will improve noise reduction and flight time but not as much as with the ESC enhanced Mavic Pro Platinum.

DJI Care refresh, an absolute necessity if you ask us is, so don’t forget to add it at checkout with your pre-order.

Will you pay $100 more for the additional battery and reduced noise or are you holding out for a Mavic 2 or Phantom 5….or whatever DJI springs on us next?

Let us know in the comments or on our facebook page.


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