My DJI Drone Shipment Loves FedEx So Much It Refuses To Leave!

So here we are at the end of “Cyber Week” (remember when it was just Cyber Monday?) and I’m getting regular shipping texts and emails on all of the DJI drone deals we found.

So far the score is 3-1…meaning DRN has received three packages and the Gremlin of the shipping industry is (so far) at 1.  Wait…what? What Gremlin?

Honestly we had only heard rumors of his existence, and only at this crucial time of year.  But it seems he has one of our FedEx shipments firmly in his (or her?) control.  And it couldn’t be more hilarious!

Let me start this off by saying that FedEx is honestly our favorite global shipper.  We receive hundreds of packages at our offices each year, and the ones from FedEx consistently arrive with perfect precision. And the irony of this situation leaves us with nothing but smiles at the office as we root for our package to plot it’s escape from the Carson, CA facility that is apparently holding it hostage.

We know that our beloved Mavic Pro Fly More Combo will eventually arrive, but judging by the screen grab below, we’re wondering if we’ll have to go to Carson to rescue it?  Someone call B.A. Baracus and the A-Team!

From our primitive calculations, our Mavic Pro Fly More Combo has so far made 4 failed attempts to escape the Carson Fedex Detainment Center, er, we mean “facility”.   Taking a straw poll around the DRN office the theories of what might be happening vary.  Staff writer Caleb thinks that “Lucky” (so called because his/her tracking number ends in 7) has just fallen in love with California and doesn’t want to leave.

Our intern Tom has looked closely at the data, and he thinks that Lucky is under house arrest at FedEx, only allowed to do laps of the exterior of the building once per day….which explains why the tracking data always shows he leaves and returns.

Co-owner, writer and head cheerleader Nicole says we’re all ridiculous. Go figure.

Our latest update (we’ve had three today) indicates that Lucky will be delivered on December 2nd.  A Saturday.  As much as I love FedEx, I know they don’t deliver on Saturdays where I am..and given that the cargo is still in California, we give low odds on seeing our package before next week.

And as we said above, FedEx is very much #1 in our books…it turns out that the inital problem with the shipment was a missing commercial invoice. (Which Nicole says “that explains day 1…”). Ahem, come on FedEx, I can only cover for you so long, Bro!”

In the meantime, if you wish to cheer “Lucky” on using social media, his Twitter hashtag is #FreeLucky. Hopefully we can all make a difference this holiday season! 

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