DJI Adds LiPo Safe Battery Bags to Online Store

If you’re into drones, you likely know that most drones are powered by Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries.  Hopefully you have also read some of the safety instructions relating to LiPo’s.

And if you are an air traveler, knowing what the rules for LiPo’s are for taking on an airplane is critical.

In every article we’ve published about these batteries one common thread in the articles has been to help people better understand how volatile these batteries can be, and how to store and transport them.

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It looks like DJI also thinks this way because it has now added DJI branded battery bags to the online store.

The bags are cool-looking fire and explosion resistant material that comes in two sizes: large and small.  DJI lists which bags are ideal for which batteries so you can match to the right DJI battery bag.

And the price is a bargain at $9.  In fact, just about anyone who has purchased a drone in the last year probably has at least $9 in DJI credit sitting in their account, which they would have earned during their purchase.

The Large size battery bag is designed to hold:

  • two Inspire 2 batteries
  • three Mavic Pro batteries
  • two Phantom batteries

The Small size battery bag is designed to hold:

  • one Inspire 2 battery
  • two Mavic Pro batteries
  • one Phantom battery

Be sure to check them out online at the DJI Store shipping expected in a few weeks.

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