DJI Reflections Coming October 11th: DJI Teases Us With Another Product Release!

And with one short, mysterious video DJI just poured gasoline on it’s own rumor mill with the release of a video called Reflections.

DJI released the Reflections video this morning, and in the text read aloud by the female announcer there was a riddle:

What is it that allows us to dream? To feel?
Every flicker of light reflects the world around us and makes us who we are.
Our minds will not compromise, but keep on wandering, looking for the images that reach our hearts.
The eternal tension between the creator and his creation is what gives us the desire to strive for perfection in all that we do.

The Reflections video ends with a shallow depth of field capture of a lens, but we’re not yet able to parse what drone upgrade or next-gen UAV this might be for.

What is this new lens, and what DJI product does it live on?

As soon as DJI posted the video, the comments section went wild with speculation.  Phantom 5? Osmo? Mavic 3? New Zenmuse?

When we look closely at screen-grab above we are inclined to think it might be Zenmuse related.

A new drone is less likely at this moment since DJI just released the up-cycled Mavic Pro Platinum drone.  And our FCC sniffer hasn’t detected any new applications or approvals by DJI with the FCC for new product.  But that can change in a heartbeat: product launches often align with the date the FCC releases applications and/or approvals.  So we’ll redouble our efforts there.

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum released on August 31st, 2017

From the clues in the video, it’s a 4K lens.  (That goes without saying.)  But everything about the rest of the video is so perfectly encrypted that there are no bread crumbs for us to feast on.  We had honestly hoped for at least one Easter egg in the teaser.

As we approach the 2017 Christmas shopping season we expect that DJI will continue to advance new products to capitize on their own product cycle turnover and the open wallets proffered by consumers.

While DJI has continued to adapt both ends of the Phantom 4 series to capture market share, many fixed wing enthusiast have been eagerly anticipating a new fixed-wing Phantom 5 series.

Time will tell.  We’ll be putting the squeeze on our sources to start reconstructing this new puzzle from DJI.

In the meanwhile, see you on October 11th!

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