Chinese Blogger Mysteriously Shut Down After Leaking DJI Spark Photos

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Less than 24 hours after posting photos of a new DJI Drone, the Chinese blog has been shut down.

We reported yesterday that SB-DJI had produced not only the first photos of the drone, called Spark, but had also shared the registration certificate showing the name, manufacturer and some specifications.

DJI Spark drone (Photo credit

We don’t know who shut the Chinese blog down or why, but it’s possible that DJI could have been very unhappy with the leak if it occurred during the product testing window under a confidentiality agreement. has been around for a couple of years and was getting 2,000+ site visitor per day before being shut down.  From our primitive translating it appears that the site was primarily a place where disgruntled drone users reported problems ranging from battery fires to fly aways.

Here’s the translation of the error screen that now loads at

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