7 Reasons You Should Buy Your Drone Direct From DJI

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DJI products are so well known and popular that many of them are in the Amazon best-sellers lists.

And now that you can actually buy a Mavic Pro Fly More Combo at Costco in the UK, it begs the question: “Should you?”

We’ve looked at the alternatives, and we found 7 great reasons you should buy your DJI drone direct from DJI’s website:

1 – Faster Shipping, Maybe Even Same Day

We all remember the delivery delays for 3rd party retailers when the Mavic Pro was released.  DJI shipped their own orders first, and those who pre-ordered with other retailers had to wait weeks and months for their shipments.

In most things in life it makes sense to get it right from the source.

Last week we told you about DJI’s new same-day delivery service called ‘DJI Enjoy‘, which is only available on DJI’s website.  With ‘Enjoy’, your drone will be hand delivered to you If you live in one of 8 major US cities.

2 – DJI Care Refresh

If you buy your drone from DJI you’ll be able to purchase DJI Care Refresh in the same transaction so you’re drone is covered right away.

What is DJI Care Refresh?  For a small fee, depending on the drrone you buy, it protects you for a full year from water or crash damage or fly-away due to malfunction.  If the drone is so damaged it needs replacement, you get two replacements for a small additional fee.

For the Mavic Pro, DJI Care Refresh is only $99.  If you don’t think you need it, just search on Google for ‘Mavic Fly Away’ or ‘crashed my drone’ to see just how many people are having these issues.

If you purchase your DJI drone through a third-party vendor you will have to buy DJI Care Refresh from DJI anwyway, within 48 hours of activating your product.  It just makes sense to do it all at once, in the same transaction.

3 – Free Training

Okay, this is really just a continuation of the first reason above.

But if you purchased your DJI drone with the Enjoy service, the person who delivers your drone will teach you how to set it up and provide you with some basic instruction.  That will get you flying fast and you’ll be less likely to make early mistakes that could crash your drone.

You’ll actually be flying same day, better than you would on your own.

4 – No Tax

Depending where you live, almost all DJI purchases show as no tax.  That alone could save you as much as $100 that you could put towards buying DJI Care Refresh.

5 – Free Shipping

Many third party retailers such as B&H Photo offer free shipping within the USA.  If you’re order is over a certain amount it could also be free in other countries.

6 – DJI Credit

When you make a purchase at DJI.com you also enjoy a 1% rebate in the form of DJI Credit.

You’ll need to register on the DJI website and then make a purchase to earn DJI Credit.

The more you buy, the more you earn, and once your credit builds up you can use it to purchase anything in the DJI Store.

It all comes down to free stuff.  And hey, who doesn’t want free stuff?

7 – More Payment Options

Unlike some other 3rd party vendors, DJI.com has a thick list of payment options.

At checkout you can use the following payment options:

Credit Cards:

Mastercard, Visa, JCB, American Express (Europe Only) and Diners (Europe Only)

Debit Cards:

Visa debit, MasterCard debit


Paypal, Paypal Credit (US and UK Only) Paypal Express

We always recommend you check the purchase benefits associated with your credit card and always buy with a credit card (like American Express Gold Rewards) that extends your warranty and earns you points.

All in all these are some worthwhile reasons to purchase your drone or Osmo directly at DJI.com.

If you can think of any others, share them with our readers by leaving a comment below!





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