Will Norwegian Drone Startup “Staaker” Eat GoPro Karma’s Lunch ?

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The Staaker “splash proof”, high speed drone from the Norwegian startup of the same name is in position to leapfrog the grounded GoPro Karma as the only challenger to DJI’s consumer drone dominance.

The most interesting feature of the Staaker is the wearable tracker that allows the drone to follow people and vehicles up to 80 kh/h.

The Staaker is available by pre-order at Staaker’s website for $1195, a temporary reduction from it’s $1795 price tag.

With it’s high speed and device based tracking the drone films in whatever resolution you like since it is designed to accept Here 3, 3+, 4 and 5 Black Hero Action Cameras.

A bonus feature is that the drone helps to supply power to the GoPro.

Staaker claims the drone is ready to go in just 30 seconds and is “super easy to operate.” Other features include:

  • 30 minute flight time
  • Return to home, either where you currently are or the takeoff spot
  • Weatherproof. Flies in snow, wind and rain
  • Wind resistant to 30 kph or 20 mpg
  • Locate feature for a downed drone
  • Multiple flight modes

Currently only in pre-order mode, the drone is expected to begin shipping in May 2017.  If you change your mind and cancel your order before shipping the refund is 100%.

Given the complaints people had with the GoPro Karma’s sloppy hover and flight characteristics, the Staaker may be just what we need to replace the Karma.

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