Viral Video: China Utility Uses Flame Throwing Drone To Clean Power Lines

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Chinese power companies, which have spent most of the last decade building the electrical infrastructure of England on a yearly basis, have come up with an interesting drone solution to the garbage that can get caught on power lines.

Plastic bags and other refuse that collects on power lines can pose safety issues to the grid, but the location of power lines can make it nearly impossible to clear the trash.

The People’s Daily of China reports today that a weaponized, flame-throwing drone is being used to efficiently burn away the trash that is clinging to power lines.

Upon closer examination the drone looks to be a modified DJI S1000+ drone specially adapted to the purpose.

DJI S1000+ Industrial Drone
DJI S1000+ Industrial Drone

The S1000+ drone which is like an industrialized folding cousin to DJI’s Mavic Pro drone has an adaptable platform for mounting just about anything that fits the flying weight limits of the drone.

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