VIDEO: Confirmed Jan 23rd DJI Product Launch Is Real For New Mavic Air

DJI confirmed today both on it’s social media and at that the “Adventure Unfolds” release event is really happening.

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the livestream from New York on January 23rd!

Unlike prior release events, the digital invitation was leaked by only one source.  Usually the DJI event invite coincides with a social release by DJI as well as leading sites like theVerge and Engadget.  We think that the invitation the DJI sent out also came with an embargo prevent dissemination prior to an assigned date.

It was the absence of corroboration on this leak that had us in a wait and see mode.  Until now.

But today we can “officially confirm” that January 23rd is the release of the new DJI folding drone that has been called the “Mavic Air“.  DJI also released it’s Youtube teaser video (below) that gives us a modest glimpse into the new drone.

More details to follow, but you’ll be able to watch the livestream at DJI’s live video page.

We’re reaching out to our sources today to see if we can capture some of the features of this new DJI drone rumored to be called the Mavic Air.

We know very little about this drone, but looking closely at the language DJI uses in the video there may be some hints:

  • being from the same elements, and humans are mostly Carbon, does this mean the new Mavic Air has carbon fiber components to reduce weight and allow for greater strength and flight time?
  • “from insignificant size” – could this new drone be even smaller than we expect?

Trying to slot this new Mavic Air by a size category is proving to be a challenge:  is it between the Spark and Mavic? Or is it even smaller than the Spark?  The Holiday price reduction on the Spark, from $499 to $399 has persisted, which usually indicates a DJI product is giving up some shelf space…or may be eliminated altogether.

Stay tuned.  If you know something about the new Mavic Air, reach out to us via our Contact page.



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