Two Drone Essentials That Didn’t Ship With Your DJI Mavic Pro Drone

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The DJI Mavic Pro shoots UHD video in 4K, but the Mavic drone ships with just a 16GB microSD card

Anyone with experience shooting at 1080p and above using action cameras will tell you that at 4k video at 30 fps will gobble up about 375 MB per minute of video.  This means the included 16GB microSC card will last slightly longer than a full 27 minute flight…but not two flights.

A 64GB Lexar UltraSDXC card on the other hand will hold up to 170 minutes of 4k video, or enough for you to burn through 6 batteries with room to spare.  It’s available at Amazon for $32.95

For a complete list of Mavic Pro parts and accessories, and where to purchase them, please check out our list here.

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Having somewhere to offload all of that video is critical, and we recommend also having a minimum 1TB portable hard drive.  Available in 4 colors and storage from 1TB up to 4TB it’s available at Amazon for $56.85

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Both the micros SD and Western Digital 1TB drive are available with free Amazon Prime shipping.

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