TRAVEL: Cuban Drone Flight Lands Man in Jail For 11 Days

With the opening of travel between the United States and Cuba tens of thousands of Americans will descend on the island under the guise of ‘cultural’ travel in order to meet the current light restrictions on travel.

Many of these tourists will come with drones, the next and newest packable necessity to help us remind everyone who reads their feed how epic our life is.

Chris Hughes in Cuba

Enter Chris Hughes, a Canadian, on a solo junket to Cuba last September.  Unlike American travelers, Cuba has never been off limits to Canadians, and 1.2 million Canucks head to Cuba each year for a range of all-inclusive beach vacations.

Revolution Square in Havana (photo credit NOW Toronto)

What makes Hughes’ cautionary tale unique is the chain of events that happened to him while flying his DJI Phantom drone in Havana to capture footage over Revolution Square.

While he was detained for a total of 11 days in a Cuban prison, his is not the last story we will likely hear in this genre.  The full article is available here, on the Toronto Life website.


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