Sparks Shipped Early. Expect Yours Next Week

We ordered a DJI Spark Fly More Combo on June 19th, knowing that DJI planned to start shipping on June 30th.

We got a pleasant surprise late Thursday when we logged in to check the status of our order and noticed it now said “Shipped”.

The next day, we received the email notification with FedEx tracking number, clicked through as saw that new little Spark combo was logged into the Atlanta FedEx depot.  And we had an expected delivery date of July 4th.

So unlike the delays that plagued the Mavic following it’s November launch, the Spark is actually ahead of schedule.

If you’re now eagerly aniticipating arrival of your Spark, take a moment to read over Three Things To Do BEFORE Your Spark Arrives so you’ll hit the ground running.

DJI Spark Fly More Combo

We opted for the the plain “Alpine White” version of the Spark (I let the teens in the house pick the color), and I agreed since it was also the model that was shipping first.

The timing of the shipment will work out great for everyone who is heading out on summer adventures next week with Independence Day in the US and Canada Day in the Great White North.

Don’t forget to activate DJI Care Refresh with your Spark within 48 hours, if you didn’t purchase it with the drone.

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Did you order a Spark in the launch sale?  Let us know in the comments whether you went with just the basic Spark or the Fly More Combo.

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