RUMOR: Spark Price Drop Coming, Signaling Spark 2 On The Way

Our readers are always reaching out to us, sharing great information on a variety of topics.  This week is no exception.  Often these points of contact (Twitter, Facebook, email, etc.)  include reasonably detailed rumors about DJI products that require some vetting before we feel comfortable sharing them.

DJI Spark drone in Sky Blue

Before the Christmas shopping season you might remember that the DJI Spark went on sale for $399 and it never returned to it’s original price.

Since then we’ve learned that later this month, DJI will carve another 15% off the price of the Spark as they lead up to a second generation of the palm-launchable drone.

We’re not going to get into possible specs of the DJI Spark 2 drone today, but we will point out the ‘downstream effect’ whereby DJI seems to keep improving all of their products, like a rising tide raising all boats.

Based on sales figures we’ve seen, the Spark was one of DJI’s fastest selling drones at the consumer “entry” level.  A highly capable drone that was only limited by it’s battery life, the Spark is definitely a platform worth improving.

Target date for price drop is Feb 23rd, stay tuned for details.

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