RUMOR: Is A New OSMO Coming?

Some chatter this morning out of Europe regarding low stock levels and back order conditions for the DJI Osmo+ handheld camera.

Checking through various country sites for the DJI store, we found that the Osmo+ is ‘on backorder’ in Germany, Norway, France, Spain, and many others.

The Osmo+ features:

  • 22-77mm 
  • zoom lens, 3.5× optical and 2× digital lossless zoom.*
  • 4K video, 12 megapixel photos, silent recording.
  • Professional 3-axis stabilization.
  • Take sharper selfies with a 50cm minimum focus distance.
  • Support for motion timelapse, panorama, long exposure and more.
  • Compatible with a range of optional accessories. Shoot anytime, anywhere.

Usually when products go out of stock in multiple locations it’s an indicator that one of DJI’s product cycles may be at work.

What’s interesting is that the Osmo Mobile is also marked down 60 Euros in many European country stores, and $30 off in the USA store.

Again, this tends to indicate that it’s time for a product refresh or upgrade.

So what would an upgraded or refreshed Osmo+ and Osmo look like?  What features would be different or new?

Other than battery life, improved connectivity to devices and apps we’re struggling to come up with an answer.

Let us know in the comments what features you think are missing or could be improved.

As soon as we here what’s next for the Osmo lineup, we’ll let you know.

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