REVIEW: PowerExtra Tablet Mount for DJI Mavic & Spark Drones

It always amazes us when we see someone flying their drone using a smartphone screen.  Maybe we’re just used to the larger iPad mini screen we use, but working on a tiny screen just doesn’t suiy our eyes.

Plus there are times when having a bigger display is great for framing and composing shots with the best details in mind. We all know you can’t attach an iPad to the Mavic or Spark remote controller directly–you need a mount.

Today we’re unboxing and reviewing the PowerExtra 2 in 1 Tablet Mount for DJI Mavic & Spark Drones.

The PowerExtra tablet mount arrives in a compact box, roughly 6″ x 1.5″ x 3″, but holding it in your hand you get a feel for it’s heft.

Inside the box you’ll find the lanyard, aluminum base and abs ount all contained in the included protective bag.

Folded table mount, lanyard and sleeve, next to iPad mini 2

The mount itself comes in two pieces that takes about 5 seconds to assemble.  And the design of the base that slides into the Mavic or Spark controller arms is really pretty ingenious.  There are two arms that swivel up from the base, each with a half globe at the end of the stem.  When they come together they form the ball that fits into the actual tablet mount.  A threaded nut on tablet mount completes the connection, and firmly holds the mount in place.

The Tablet Mount base has a single hole facing the operating where you can connect an adustable neck lanyard (included).  PowerExtra has emblazoned the DJI logo and The Future of Possible which is a neat touch.

We used the PowerExtra Table Mount with an iPad Mini 2 and an iPad Air 2 tablet.  Both fit firmly and easily in the expandable grip of the mount and where held securely in place with the nut tightened on the back.

PowerExtra with Spark Remote and iPad mini 2

We really like having the tablet screen higher up in our field of view, instead of always looking below the remote controller.

And being able to adjust the angle of the display allowed us to stay in place without having to physically move to avoid glare or reflections on the display.

The PowerExtra Mount base is made from a premium aircraft aluminum alloy, and it’s rock solid.  The expandable, spring loaded clamp that holds your tablet is a combination of ABS plastic and metal parts, and although it is noticeably lighter than the base, the internal spring is strong.

The clamp ends are lined with a neoprene-like foam that is held in place by an adhesive.  We found the adhesive a little weak since the foam seems to separate from the clamp with little effort.  But it’s nothing that some Gorilla Glue or a hot-melt glue gun won’t correct.

iPad Air 2 and Spark Remote

Overall we’re really pleased with the PowerExtra Mount.  We give it 4.5 stars out of 5, and the missing half a star is only because the foam isn’t as securely attached as we would like.  We would definitely recommend this tablet mount to other drone operators and would purchase again.

It’s a great value as well, coming in under $25, we bet they’re selling like hot cakes.  We received ours within about 3 days of ordering as well.

What Tablets Does It Work With?

  • fits tablets 4″ – 12″
  • ipad pro, ipad air 2/1, ipad mini 4/3/2, samsung galaxy tab s2/4/3/a/, nexus 9, nvidia shield k1 and more

What DJI Drone Remotes Does It Work With?

  • DJI Spark, Mavic Pro, Phantom 4/4Pro, Phantom 3/2, Inspire 2/1

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