RELEASE: DJI Osmo Mobile 2 – 15 Hour Battery with $129 Price Tag

Got it! Just take me straight to the new Osmo Mobile 2 page at!!

We called the launch of this new product back in mid-December when we got wind of FCC approval.  Going only by the primitive sketch provided in the FCC clearance, we knew we would have to wait for the details.

Today DJI released the all-new Osmo Mobile 2 ahead of CES2018 in Las Vegas with an incredibly low price of $129…well below the cost of the existing Osmo Mobile!

Like the original Osmo Mobile, DJI designed it “for the storyteller in all of us.”  So what’s new in the new Osmo Mobile 2 compared to the original Osmo Mobile?

Well, lots.  For startersthe new Osmo Mobile 2 has up to 15 hours of battery life, more than 3x that of the original Osmo.

Button locations and features have been reconfigured in the new Osmo Mobile 2 to improve ease of use as well as to incorporate new features like Zoom Control.  Located on the left side of the hand-grip where your thumb would typically rest, you’ll now be able to zoom in and out with ease using this sliding button.  And to take it even further, DJI has built in the ability to capture dolly zoom, one of the more difficult (yet powerful) cinematic effects than until now only professional gear could produce.

The new Osmo Mobile 2 still has ActiveTrack technology for following subjects or keeping them perfectly framed, as well as Motionlapse recording to capture incredible timelapse videos with cinematic smoothness.

DJI has cut the weight by 16grams in the new Osmo Mobile 2, making it the even more ideal companion for endless hours of filming.

And as we originally pointed out in our leaked article, the modified design of the gimbal arms makes for more compact folding for increased portability.

The new Osmo Mobile 2 will initially be available for purchase at starting January 23rd, and at starting in February.

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