RELEASE: DJI Launches New Ronin-S Ahead of CES2018

Got it! Just take me to the new DJI Ronin-S page!

We knew that DJI would be releasing new product at the upcoming CES2018 show in Las Vegas, but they always fall into one of two categories: those that are known or likely, and those that are complete surprises.

Last week we shared news of the upcoming Osmo Mobile 2, and the other hunches we had on pending DJI product launches.

But today’s “pre-release” of the Ronin-S is a complete surprise, and we like the “Dare to Move” tagline because it truly captures what DJI is solving for the DSLR videographer on the go.

Designed for DSLR and mirrorless cameras, the Ronin-S combines advanced stabilization, precision control, and manual focus control capabilities in a compact, single-handed form factor.

With the Ronin-S, creators can shoot with the freedom of stabilized shots on the move.

The Ronin-S‘s innovative framework elevates camera payload above the Roll Axis, making the camera’s built-in display obstruction free and always in your line of sight.  This ergonomic design also frees the Ronin0S from unwated shake as you shift from underslung to anupright position in one smooth take.


The new Ronin-S DSLR handheld gimbal incorporates what DJI calls “SmoothTrack” which allows you to transition smoothly from motion to camera angle effortlessly.  Two customizable parameter groups enable you to store your favorite SmoothTrack settings, switching between them in a single click.  The Ronin-S‘s new Sport mode now intelligently increases SmoothTrak responsiveness to keep up with any movement.

But DJI didn’t stop with just the Ronin-S gimbal, they’ve developed an entire ecosystem of professional accessories that include DJI Master Wheels, DJI Master Force, Lens Control and a Remote Control.

We can’t wait to see the DJI Ronin-S demo’d at CES2018 next week.  Not yet available for pre-order, the Ronin-S is going to be wait-listed here, and DJI will contact you when it is available for purchase.  Pricing is likely to come in around US$399 to compete with similar products like Zhiyun and Feiyu.

See you at CES2018!

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