Polar Pro Releases Filter Set For DJI Spark Mini Drone

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So the cat is almost completely out of the bag, just one day before DJI’s Media Event in New York City.

The internet has been assuming for weeks that this is the official launch party for the new DJI Spark, but Polar Pro has pretty much made it official with the release of their Cinema Series and Prime Series filter sets for the DJI Spark.

The Polar Pro Cinema Series filters for the DJI Spark have production quality glass, an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare and are the higher quality of the two sets.

The PRIME series filters use Polar Pro’s High Definition glass, and with their economical price point are ideal for recreational pilots.

While technically, not yet available for sale, you can see the Spark filter page here on Polar Pro’s website.

Once the DJI Spark is officially released we expect the Polar Pro filters we be available on their Amazon page very quickly.

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