Mavic Pro Platinum: Any Truth To This Rumor?

By now you’ve seen the two photos drifting around the internet about the latest DJI rumor.

Their first appeared in a DJI owner’s group on Facebook and have been making the rounds on the forums and various drone sites.


So the first, and obvious, question is: “Is this thing for real?”

With only the two photos to go on, we have to say we’re a little skeptical.

Comparing the original Mavic Pro box and the alleged Mavic Pro Platinum box images side by side we can see they are completely identical….except for two things.

The first difference is the addition of the word ‘Platinum’ under the ‘MAVIC PRO’ on the front of the box.  On it’s own this isn’t unreasonable to see as DJI could add a ‘special edition’ of the Mavic Pro drone.

The second thing that catches our eye is the actual Mavic image on both boxes.  It’s the exact same drone in both photos. The only difference is in the propellers on the Mavic Platinum, and you don’t have to stare at them very long to appreciate that something is more than just a little ‘off’ with those props.

First, they are in the exact same position as the props on the original Mavic box.  But what’s different about them is how photoshopped or embellished they look.

At this time of year, DJI is just about to make a splash as we head into product launch shows and industry conventions.

While it’s entirely possible that there could be a special edition of the Mavic, to us this looks more like an art or media project being done by students than an actual new thing from DJI.

But we would love to be proven wrong!

On a scale of 1 to 5, we’re giving this rumor a 2, mostly for it’s creativity.  But sadly it’s unlikely to be on a shelf near you any time soon.

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