LEAKED Test Photos Show New Inspire 2 Pro is Coming

Before a new electronic product comes to market it usually has to go through some testing with regulators to ensure compliance with wireless signals and more.  And a lot of hands get to touch the new gadget before it’s launched…which is how leaks happen.

Today we found some interesting images of what is rumored to be a DJI Inspire 2 PRO drone undergoing testing.

Photo credit: Kanzhaji

It appears that the next evolution of the Inspire 2 Series of drones will be the Inspire 2 PRO which will feature ‘omni-directional’ obstacle avoidance.

The original Inspire 2 features sensors and obstacle avoidance at the front, top and bottom of the drone.

New electronics integrated into the base plate area of the Inspire 2 PRO feature dual sensors which will provide side and rear obstacle sensing and avoidance.

And that’s a good thing, because with speeds up to 58 mph, the Inspire can be it’s own worst enemy at speed.

Looks like a April/May release for the new Inspire 2 PRO, no details on pricing yet.


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