DJI: What’s In Stock, What’s Limited, Shipping Times For Consumer Level Products

We just ordered another DJI Spark Fly More Combo at the start of this week and we’re really pleased with DJI’s turnaround time with fulfillment and shipping.

Earlier this week we hit the “buy now” button at the DJI store on Tuesday morning before 8am.  By the end of business that same day we received our shipping confirmation.  Two days later, today being Thursday, our package arrived.

This is absolutely spectacular service for an international shipment.  The icing on top is the fact that we don’t pay shipping, taxes or duties on our products ordered from the DJI store.  I can’t say I’ve had the same experience with Amazon.

And an email we received from DJI this morning made us think that we should put out an update on what’s available and in-stock with DJI as we approach the peak Black Friday drone shopping season.

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum – In Stock But Limited Availability

 Straight from our inbox this morning DJI is advising the “great news” that the Mavic Pro Platinum is in stock and available for order at the DJI Store.

But most importantly is the “Supply is limited, so get yours today!” qualifier.  I would trust DJI on this.  If they say they’re stock low on something is low, believe it.

With it’s 30 minute flight time, reduced noise level and 4K camera we think there will be a lot of Mavic Pro Platinum drones under Christmas trees this year.

DJI Spark – In Stock And Shipping Quickly

As we said above, shipping on the DJI Spark is almost immediate.  (DJI Store says ‘within 1 day of payment confirmation).

Stock of DJI Spark drones is strong in all colors, we recommend ordering right away to take advantage of this condition.

Based on the flow of our own orders we suspect that Spark sales are waning a bit since it was officially launched back in May of this year, but we also believe that there will be some sort of Black Friday push by DJI with the Spark.

Kohl’s department store has already pre-advertised a DJI Spark Black Friday door crasher, but since it’s the drone only (meaning you’ll still honestly need the remote, extra batteries,etc) you’re not really saving any money.Phantom 4 Advanced – In Stock – Shipping Same Day

Phantom 4 Advanced, DJI’s 20 megapixel and 4K60fps bundle of awesomeness is in stock and, like the Spark, shipping same day as payment.

But what a lot of first time drone buyers overlook is how much better the Phantom 4 Advanced is than the Mavic Pro or Mavic Pro Platinum for just a few dollars more.

Yes you’re giving up the foldable arms that makes the Mavic almost pocket sized, but did you know you can buy a Phantom 4 Advanced with a 5.5″ 1080p CrytalSky monitor for just $100 more than a Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More Combo?!

It’s true.  And with a superior camera sensor, anyone who is even considering using their drone for more serious aerial photography really must take a second look at the P4A.

Phantom 4 Pro – In Stock – Shipping Same Day

The P4A’s older brother, the Phantom 4 Pro, is available in standard White and the new Obisidian dark color.  Priced $300 more than the Phantom 4 Advanced, the Phantom 4 Pro gives you better (5 direction with the P4P versus 3 direction with P4A) obstacle avoidance that isn’t available on the Phantom 4 Advanced.

This difference in obstacle avoidance is really the only variation between the Phantom 4 Pro and Advanced models.

While we know everyone flies differently, from our own experience we can honestly say our piloting and videography has not been affected one bit with the reduced obstacle avoidance of the P4A.

But either way, you will not be disappointed with the stellar optics of the Phantom 4 series drones.

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DJI Goggles – In Stock – Same Day Shipping

Perhaps one of DJI’s more under-rated accessories, DJI Goggles flew off the shelves when they were released with limited pre-order quantities earlier this year.

Allowing pilots or their friends to enjoy FPV flight experiences with dual 1080p screens (and even optionally pairing a second RC unit) allows for totally immersive flight.

Even better is the fact that DJI Goggles practical uses extend far beyond pairing them with a DJI drone.  Plug them into you laptop, game console, etc. and enjoy a full 1080p experience watching shows and movies, or playing games.

Like we said, this is a totally underrated product and we highly recommend you consider DJI Goggles value as an FPV plugin to enhance viewing experiences and options you already have.

As always, we strongly recommend that all buyers pair their DJI purchase with DJI Care Refresh.  Crash and water damage protection ( and more, full details here) that allows for up to two replacements at a minimal cost.  We wouldn’t buy a DJI drone without DJI Care Refresh.

If you have updates on stock or fulfillment times for your part of the world, drop us a line and help to keep your fellow pilots updated.

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