DJI Shipping Bottlenecks: Order Early To Ensure Your Xmas Drone Arrives On Time

We’re hearing some chatter from our readers and others on social media that some logistical aspects of DJI’s Christmas rush is causing delays.

Using one of our own recent purchases as an example, we ordered a Mavic Pro Fly More Combo on November 23rd, almost two weeks ago, and received confirmation of shipping the following day, November 24th, along with a FedEx tracking number.

Now, two weeks later our Mavic Pro Fly More Combo still hasn’t even made it out of DJI’s distribution hub in California, it’s point of entry into the US.

Perhaps what is most frustrating is on the first attempt for FedEx to execute on it’s delivery is that DJI failed to include a “commercial invoice” with the Mavic Pro for Customs processing.  After several days of sitting in limbo with the shipper, FedEx returned the Mavic to DJI to have the documentation done properly on November 28th.

The next day DJI returned the package to FedEx and my Mavic Pro set off merrily on it’s journey to it’s new home…or did it?  For four more days, from the 29th until December 2nd, our package languished with FedEx (who by now must be as frustrated as we are) and the shipment was once again returned to DJI on Monday December 4th.

We’ve emailed twice for an explanation and an update on when we should receive our Mavic, but have only had one response that appeared to have been crafted by AI rather than a person.

Twitter user @DroneKingston replied to our article tweet expressing his frustration with the exact same problem: DJI failed to include a commercial invoice with his order and it’s seriously delaying delivery.

Screenshot of our twitter feed showing @DroneKingston comment

We’re confident that DJI will get this customer service disaster sorted out, but the timing of it is problematic.  When literally thousands of DJI drones are trying to be shipped to execting owners and gift-givers at this frenetic time of year, the timing of a logistics problem could not be worse.

Our advice is is pretty simple though, if you’re planning to order a Christmas drone from DJI, you’d better do it quickly.  With delays like ours, there’s a chance you won’t receive it in time for Christmas if this shipping issue doesn’t get resolved.

Another solution might be to order your DJI Drone from Amazon for the next few weeks.

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