DJI Mavic Propeller Guards Now Available at DJI Store

Nothing ruins a day of piloting your drone faster than smashed propellers…which often can mean a damaged drone.

Now that the DJI Mavic Pro drone is shipping, DJI has added propeller guards to it’s online store along with other Mavic Pro Accessories.

The propeller guards secure to the Mavic’s arms to protect the props (and people) from damage.  Top and bottom grills add the the protection factor.  Includes 3 pairs of Mavic propellers.  These propellor cages do add weight to the Mavic Pro to the point where flight time is reduced by about ten minutes on a full battery.  Also, these are not to be used for regular flights outdoors.  The cages are for indoors, flying in tripod mode only. And don’t user your regular propellers either…only special 7728 props, not the regular 8330 props.

$159 at the DJI Store.

The Propeller Guards are also available at Amazon, Adorama and B&H Photo Video.

For a complete list of Mavic Pro parts and accessories, and where to purchase them, please check out our list here.


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