DJI Mavic Pro Lens Hood Is a Must Have Accessory

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From time to time our readers share some pretty great tips with us.  Sometimes they’re so obvious we can’t believe we didn’t know about them.

Long before the drone industry existed, many
of us had the photography bug and whether we were
Canon or Nikon loyalists, we all had an appreciation for the importance of some of the accessories that supported our habit.

Anyone who has shot with a DSLR at any quasi-serious level understands the benefit that a lens hood provides.

A lens hood or lens shade attaches to the front end of a lens to block the sunlight or other light source(s) to prevent glare and lens flare. Lens hoods may also be used to protect the lens from scratches and the elements without having to put on a lens cover.

I can’t think of a camera lens that needs a lens shade or hood more than a drone.  All of the scenic flying, capturing landscapes and sky high views….of course a lens hood would be beneficial.  But checking out the accessories at DJI’s website, there are none.


DJI Mavic Pro Drone Lens Hood
Fstop Mavic Lens Hood

Thankfully one of our readers shared the top rated lens hood on Amazon for the DJI Mavic Pro drone, and it’s probably the best accessory we could recommend (beside prop guards and extra batteries) for the Mavic Pro.


The lens hood is simple to attach and does exactly what you expect.  Reducing glare at some angles and flare at others.  Even though it is the #1 best seller on amazon in the lens hood category, it’s not perfect.  But the improvement it makes in video quality is huge.  Just check out the before and after photos in the reviews comparing Mavic Pro video with and without the lens hood..

Based on the rave reviews from experienced Mavic Pro pilots, we don’t think you’ll fly without one in daylight ever again.

Users report that this hood eliminates at least 75% of the glare problem that plagues the Mavic Pro. The bottom line is you are always going to experience some glare when flying in the general direction of the sun. For some reason the Mavic‘s camera is more problematic than the previous Phantom 3 or Phantom 4 cameras.

DJI Mavic Pro Drone Lens Hood
DJI Mavic Pro Lens Hood

Even when slanted as much as 30-40 degrees away from the sun there is still some glare and sunlight anomalies, which is where the Fstop Labs hood does it’s best work. It does a great job keeping the side glare out of the picture. It also greatly reduces the problem of flutter caused by the propeller shadows. 

And you can’t beat the price.  The Fstop lens hood for the Mavic Pro drone is only $16.99 and includes free shipping.

We strongly encourage to check out the Amazon reviews for yourself here.  These are experienced users sharing their real life experience with this product. Two thumbs up.

For a complete list of Mavic Pro parts and accessories, and where to purchase them, please check out our list here.

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