DJI Releases ‘Aircraft Sleeve’ Accessory for Mavic Pro Drone

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The DJI Mavic Pro Drone is so compact that many users won’t use the carry bag unless they’re on an extended trip.

So how do you protect your Mavic Pro from scratches and getting into potentially harmful tangles with the stuff in bagpacks and other bags?

Enter the “Aircraft Sleeve”, the lastest official Mavic Pro accessory direct from DJI.

Mavic Pro Aircraft Sleeve

The sleeve is a form fitted to perfectly match your Mavic Pro and features a drawstring closure.  The inside of the DJI Aircraft Sleeve is fleece lined to both protect the finish of your drone from scratches as well as provide a modest level of protection from light bumps.

Available directly from DJI for $7.99

For a complete list of Mavic Pro parts and accessories, and where to purchase them, please check out our list here.

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