RUMOR: DJI Goggles Shipping Early & Back On Sale

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The DJI rumor mill has been pretty quiet lately, but we finally have an update worth sharing.

After selling out the original ‘limited supply’ DJI has once again turned on the tap and DJI Goggles are available for purchase again on the DJI website.

We’ve seen a flurry of behind the scenes activity this week with regard to DJI Goggles, and it looks like they may be shipping ahead of schedule!

DJI originally indicated the target date for shipping DJI Goggles was May 20th or ‘late May’ depending on where you get your information.

The data we’ve seen now indicates that DJI is ahead of schedule (at least with their own orders) so those who ordered directly from DJI should receive a shipping email shortly.

This is fantastic news, given the delays experienced with the Mavic release in 2016, and shows that DJI has continued to make further progress in fine-tuning their systems.

As we reported last month, the DJI Goggles will be a great addition to your pilot experience, especially the ability to add multiple DJI Goggles at the same time to one drone.  Plus the added benefit of true gimbal control with your head is an amazing feature.

If you receive a shipping notification email from DJI, please let us know in the comments below!

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