DJI Fine Tunes M200 Lineup

Back in February, DJI released a new Matrice series professional drone called the M200. (Full story here)

With it’s foldable arms and hard-core performance specs, the M200 was squarely aimed at serving the industrial sector where applications include power-line inspection, infrastructure monitoring and more.

Today our FCC sniffer caught wind of a new FCC similarity declaration for a couple of M200 variants.

Welcome the new M210 and M210-RTK.

So far all we can see that’s different on the M210 is that the gimbal cable has a 30 pin connector, versus the M210‘s 15 pin connector.

The primary difference between the M210 and the M201-RTK looks to be the integration of DJI’s high precision navigation and positioning system.  Using dynamic differential technology, D-RTK provides ultra-accurate, centimeter level 3D positioning where accuracy is imperative.

DJI Matrice 210 RTK

But going back to the 30-pin gimbal connector, we’re pretty stoked to see what will be plugged in there, and while the world struggles to upgrade to 4K, DJI is already racing to 5.2K applications for video capture.

No word yet on the how/when of purchasing the M200 series drones.  When the initial launch took place DJI set up a special communication channel for pre-order interest.

One of the very cool applications we noticed with the M200 is the onboard SDK which allows operators to connect a LiDAR scanner.  In the past, LiDAR was a million dollar box mounted into a Cessna, requiring massive permitting and cost to access.  To be able to attach it to a drone will have huge cost reductions on projects requiring the laser based remote sensing data it produces.

As always, stay tuned.  We’ll be the first to let you know what comes next from DJI.

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