DJI Disapproves of Draft Canadian Drone Regulations

A month after ‘welcoming’ a modest loosening of recreational drone rules in Canada, DJI has done an about face as new draft regulations have been released by Transport Canada.

The new draft rules, which have been dropped to the public for comment, include a call for mandatory insurance for any drone over 250grams.  DJI‘s press release “DJI Disappointed By Draft Canadian Drone Regulations” doesn’t hold back in criticizing the problems with the draft regulation.

Using a great Canadian analogy, the hockey puck, to characterize the absurdity of the insurance requirement, DJI points out that a 250g drone weighs the same as two hockey pucks.

Canada may as well start demanding insurance for anyone using a baseball or hockey puck, which I’m sure inflict much more personal and property damage each year than drones.

One of the proposed amendments, which would prohibit flight within 100 feet of another person would instantly make it illegal for millions of Canadians to fly a small drone in their own backyards.

Transport Canada wil receive comments from the public and interested parties like DJI until October 13, 2017.  The address to submit your comment is available here.

We strongly encourage all Canadian drone enthusiasts to make a submission, email your Member of Parliament, and also join and follow NODE, the Network of Drone Enthusiasts.  Their twitter is @NODECampaign and you can find their website here.

It is very likely as both regulations and user-organizations develop and evolve that joining an association, like NODE, may ultimately be how we obtain economical insurance to cover recreational users.

We’ll keep you advised of any further developments in Canadian drone regulations as they appear as updated Interim Orders in the Canada Gazette.

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