DEAL: DJI Drops Price $150 on Phantom 4 Advanced drone

The DJI Phantom 4 Advanced, which was released just months ago, is on sale $150 off with DJI‘s new “Soar Into Summer” promotion.

Normally a P4A goes for US$1349, but it’s now only $1199 during the sale.

The Phantom 4 Advanced is a slightly altered version of the Phantom 4 Pro drone that was released late last year.

Phantom 4 Advanced (l) and Phantom 4 Pro (r)

The Phantom 4 Advanced still has the 1″ 20 MP sensor and advanced flight functions, 30 minute battery life and 4K/60fps video as the Phantom 4 Pro, but does have a few features absent.

The P4A‘s only real difference to the P4P is obstacle avoidance. The Phantom 4 Pro has 5-direction obstacle sensing with sensors in front, back, sides and below.  The Phantom 4 Advanced only has sensors below and in front.

If you’re not sure if the Phantom 4 Advanced is the right drone for you, DJI has put together a good comparison article to point out the differences.  Read it here.

And if you’re like many of our readers, you may still be struggling with whether a folding drone like the Mavic is the right choice compared to the Phantom 4 Series.

Either way, make sure to check out the sale.  The sale options include being able to purchase the Phantom 4 Advanced with a CrystalSky 5.5″ monitor for an additional $300.

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