Big Drone Show: DJI M200 In Person, Plus The Secret Wave

We’re looking forward to the Big Drone Show in Toronto on Wednesday, the largest Drone event in Canada.

But even more than seeing  consumer and enterprised UAV solutions, we want news!

And we’re hopefully getting a double dose of it at BDS17.  First DJI will be showcasing the M200 partnership with GAP wireless.

The M200 series was released a few months ago, but seeing them up close and in person will really allow potential enterprise users the opportunity to measure them for fit.  These workhorses can carry up to 2kg of payload and are suited for industiral uses like aerial inspections, mapping, data collection and more.

So DJI bringing the M200’s to BDS17 isn’t really a surprise.  We think that comes on Day 2, because DJI has been teasing us for a weak with tweets showing a ‘wave’ gesture that is offically being unveiled on Thursday.

If you already know what we’re talking about, shoot us a line and fill us on what to expect!

Otherwise, look for us making the rounds in the exhibitor area and in the halls at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.


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